Our recommendations for affordable gender-affirming products under $50

Binders - FtM/FtN

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gc2b is a Trans owned business that offers binders in 5 skin color shades, as well as black white, grey and pride colors. They are offered in sizes XS-5XL. See this link for more information on sizing. 

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Tri-Top Chest Binder


Underworks offers binders in white, nude and black colors. They are offered in sizes XS-3XL.

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(Products Coming Soon)


Andy Amor is a Trans owned company, who will soon have binders for sale. They are size inclusive and sensory friendly, offered in grey and other bright colors (no nude available).

Underwear - FtM/FtN

$15 and up

Transguy Supply offers underwear, packers, jockstraps and STPs and other affordable apparel.

Packers - FtM


Cloth Packers

Support a trans small business owner by buying their cloth packers from Etsy at an affordable price! They are a great option for those who don't like the feel of silicone packers. Made custom, and available in any color


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Gender Neutral Swimwear

Outplay brand offers gender neutral swimwear, as well as gender neutral sportswear.

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MtF Underwear and Swimwear for Youth


Rubies offers underwear and swimwear for Trans girls and women from sizes 4-24.

FtM Period Products

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Gender inclusive period underwear


TomboyX offers gender inclusive period underwear, now from sizes 3XS-6XL.

Gender inclusive period underwear


Thinx offers gender inclusive period underwear, from sizes XXS-3XL in a variety of styles like Hiphugger, Boyshort (pictured here), and Hi-waist.

Shot Kit

Stealth Bros Shot Kit - FtM/FtN


Stealth Bros Shot Kit helps keep shot materials organized, and is also good for when traveling. 

T-tape Tuck Kit


Unclockable's tuck kit can be used for up to ten hours, and is Swim-proof, gym-proof and life proof. It has easy removal for up to 3 bathroom breaks per wear.


Customized and Handmade

Origami Customs offers customized and handmade swimwear, lingerie and more for folks of all genders. Gaffs are available for $40, Bra inserts for $7, and Bras for $50.