Meet The Team

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Aris Reyes is a second generation Mexican-American transman from Los Angeles, CA. He has six years of experience working with nonprofit organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, Latino Equality Alliance, Building Healthy Communities, Bill of Rights Institute and Wonder Women Tech. He also served on the Los Angeles Mayor’s Youth Council where he focused on policy work for pedestrian safety. Aris continued his advocacy work by participating in LAUSD board meetings where he worked towards unanimously passing the “Increasing Supports for LGBTQ+ Students, Their Families and Schools'' resolution that recognized October as LGBTQ+ History Month and conducted an analysis for single-gender restrooms for all LAUSD schools. His dedication to fighting for trans rights by ensuring access and resources has led him to found and become the Executive Director of American Trans Resource Hub, a nonprofit organization that provides peer support services for trans people by trans people.

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Melina Hawk is a nonbinary person who works as an administrative assistant and lives in rural Maryland. They are new to nonprofit work, but they are passionate about seeing transgender and nonbinary people of all backgrounds and ages succeed. Most of their work history has been spent in the arts, specifically working backstage in the theatre where they cared for performers and their costumes. In their free time, they enjoy writing fiction, designing garments and costumes, and tending to their houseplants. 

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Mac Allen (He/Him) is a Greek-American trans man based out  of New Jersey. A recent graduate of Ithaca College’s Roy H.  Park School of Communications, he worked as a Digital  Content Intern for health communications agency Evoke  KYNE this past fall. He was one of many talented team  members working on immi, a digital non-crisis web tool for  LGBTQ+ youth launching in June 2022. He is currently  writing his debut novel, Wallpaper Boy, a young adult novel  about coming to terms with your identity. 

When Mac isn’t working as the Director of Communications for the American Trans  Resource Hub, he is offering his visual services as a freelance photographer and  videographer. He is an avid skateboarder and comic book connoisseur.


Theo Ramsey is a freelance violinist and violist. They are a member of Chicago-based new music collective Ensemble Dal Niente and serve on that group's artistic programming committee. Highlights of recent concert seasons include performances at Carnegie Hall, Tanglewood, Ravinia, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the LA Philharmonic's Walt Disney Concert Hall. They also love teaching, both privately and through community programs. Theo lives in Boston with their beloved pup Latifah.

Board of Directors:

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Zander Keig is an award-winning Licensed Clinical Social Worker, wellness coach, diversity educator, public speaker, and editor of trans male nonfiction. He is a first-generation Mexican-American trans man living in Orlando, FL with his wife of nearly 19yrs.  In his free time, Zander enjoys listening to Audible books, taking walks with his wife, and watching superhero movies, especially Spiderman.


Zander is a WPATH Certified Gender Specialist, a longtime member of the NASW National Committee for LGBT Issues, the 2020 WPATH Harry Benjamin Distinguished Educator, 2020 NASW National Social Worker of the Year,  2018 NASW CA Social Worker of the Year, and a WPATH GEI Advanced Mental Health Care Course instructor.


More on Zander here

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Michelle Grace Herman has served as a minister, community advocate, social entrepreneur, cross-cultural coach, and has founded and directed several nonprofit organizations. Most recently she has served as a social worker, gender consultant and startup founder. 


Michelle is a transgender woman advocating for greater visibility, awareness, and inclusion in all elements of society. She carries a specific passion for trans kids in all socio-economic ranges and access to affirmative and compassionate care and development.


Before her transition, she lived, worked, and helped raise a family in an inner-city community for over 20 years and is intimately familiar with issues and needs of generational poverty and community development.

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Talia Ngo is a pharmacist and a public health practitioner that is living in Los Angeles County, California. She received her Master of Public Health (MPH) and Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) from Touro University California, where she graduated as top 20 in her class. 


Her passion lies in helping others. This passion only grew stronger while working as a pharmacist in the hospital setting. Deep down in her heart, she knew there is much more to do and much more to give, especially in the transgender community, where she always felt she belonged. 


Since joining American Trans Resource Hub in 2020, Talia hopes to bring her experiences not only as a pharmacist and a public health practitioner, but as a fellow transwoman. Her transitioning have provided clarity, understanding, and respect to the unique struggles of the transgender community. As part of American Trans Resource Hub, she strives to provide comfort and a peace of mind by helping trans folks through their transitioning journey.