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Trans Day of Visibility

This year, we recruited a handful of models in NYC. We sat down with them to discuss their identities, hopes, and aspirations!



Ashley is a photographer born and raised in NJ. They like to cook, travel, and create with others. They're a transmasc nonbinary person and they love dressing in feminine fashion. They would describe themselves as kind, intuitive and passionate.


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(Any pronouns)

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Nick recently moved to NYC and loves roller skating and programming.



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Mars is a 30-something, Black and Filipino non-binary trans geek living in NYC.
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Rey Resendez is a 2Spirit educator, personal trainer and social media influencer. They graduated Hunter College with a Bachelor's in Psychology in 2013 and shortly started medically transitioning shortly after. Through providing gender affirming training to clients and creating funny yet educational videos on TikTok, Rey opens up the conversation and raises awareness for trans youth. You can find them boxing, working out or bringing a fresh perspective to the table.



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A nonbinary person who's still adjusting and filling in parts of myself ive supressed my entire life!



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Hello Im Zac, i'm 26 years old from NJ. I am an FTM transgender male, and have been on testosterone for fours years already! I am also a student studying sociology at MSU.



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Im a post op transgender woman. I strive to constantly support the trans community. I work in media and arts to help raise visibility and awareness.


My name is Enu! I'm a 25 year old lesbian bigender person, with a passion for modeling, fashion, and environment activism!


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