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Trans Safe Space Program

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What is the Trans Safe Space Campaign?

The Trans Safe Space Program began from a vision to build the moment of Trans Day of Visibility (March 31) into a movement for trans lives. Even in purportedly LGBT-friendly spaces, trans people are not always safe to be themselves. When you display our free sticker in the window of your business, you’re not only telling your trans neighbors they are welcome and will be respected in your space--you are also helping to shift the wider culture toward greater inclusivity of trans and gender noncomforming people.

What if my storefront already has a LGBTQ+ sticker?

If you already have an LGBTQ+ sticker, that’s great! Unfortunately, the lived experience of many trans people is that “LGBT-friendly” often translates to acceptance of lesbian, gay, and bi people alongside continued discrimination against trans people. Our sticker assures trans people that you welcome their business and will work to protect them specifically.

How does this benefit me or my business?

Transgender and gender nonconforming people (and our allies!) love to support businesses that unapologetically support us. Demonstrating your dedication to our community gives customers and clients another reason to be proud to shop at or work with your business. Additionally, when you send us a photo of our sticker displayed on your window, American Trans Resource Hub will add you to our growing map of trans-friendly businesses, and we’ll showcase your dedication to our communities on social media.

I don't have a storefront! What do I do?

No worries! We’ll send you a digital sticker to put on your website and add you to our directory of trans-friendly online businesses.

What's the catch?

No catch! All we ask is that you... 1) Fill out the form here
2) Put the sticker on your window where it will be visible to passersby.
3) Send us a picture of the displayed sticker. Once confirmed, we’ll add you to our map of participating trans-friendly businesses.
4) Post your pic on social media and tag us!

Any questions? comments? concerns?


Do you own a business?

Support our work with additional monthly funding at no added cost to you through PridePays.