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What is the Trans Safe Space Campaign?

The Trans Safe Space Campaign is a way to make a moment a MOVEment. Trans Day of Visibility is on Wednesday, March 31st. We want to provide a way for those to deliver to the trans community beyond 1 day of the year. American Trans Resource Hub provides a FREE sticker to any business, school, nonprofit, etc. that would like to showcase their dedication to ensuring safe spaces for the transgender and gender-nonconforming communities.

What if my storefront already has a LGBTQ+ sticker?

If you already have a LGBTQ+ sticker that is great! However, LGBTQ+ is an umbrella term and it is known that there are people who are accepting of the LGB community but it is often that the T is left out. This campaign ensures that the trans community knows for a 100% fact that you are open to serving them and that your business will actually go out of the way to put up a sticker showcasing that you are gender-affirming not just LGB friendly!

How does this benefit me or my business?

Not only are the transgender and non-conforming communities looking for a safe space but they are also looking to support businesses who unapologetically support them! This brings more business to your store and gives someone another reason to be proud shopping or receiving services from you or your business. We, American Trans Resource Hub, will also include your location on our website as a safe place for trans folx to shop and make sure to promote your dedication to our communities through social media.

I don't have a storefront!!! What do I do??

No worries! We can send you a digital sticker to put on your website.

What's the catch?

No catch! All we ask of you is to 1) Fill out the form here
2) Put the sticker on your storefront where it is visible enough to see it as people walk by
3) Take a picture of it on your storefront so we can confirm this and then we will put it on our website (We know that you all are busy people so we will make sure to notify you about this)
4) Post it on your social media and tag us! (We will provide our social media information along with the sticker)

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What does the sticker look like?

How much does the sticker cost?

Trans Safe Space Campaign

The sticker is 100% FREE with shipping included!

Any questions? comments? concerns?


Do you own a business?

Support our work with additional monthly funding at no added cost to you through PridePays.