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  • What is the free chest binder program?
    The Free Binder Program is exactly what it means! You apply and receive a gc2b chest binder at no cost. Shipping is covered by us.
  • Requirements
    - Do not identify as cisgender - Be 13 years or older - Live in the USA or its' territories - Do not have the means to purchase a binder
  • How does it work?
    1. Fill out our application here and you will be placed on our waiting list. Follow us on social media to stay updated about our programs! 2. When it is your turn on the list, you will receive an email to order your binder 3. Receive your binder!
  • After I apply, am I guaranteed a binder?"
    Unfortunately no, this is our first application so we are not sure how long the waitlist will be. However, we will keep you updated on your spot so make sure your email is correct!
  • Do you prioritize any communities?
    Yes! We allocate 75% of our binder's a month to underrepresented communities. These communities include veterans, those from rural communities, people of color, etc. If you are not a part of these communities you can still receive a binder but you may have to wait a bit longer!
  • Is shipping discreet?
    Yes! Our address will be from "ATRH" and there will be no indication of anything trans-related on the outside.
  • What binder will I receive?
    All of our binders are generously donated by gc2b. You WILL receive the size you choose. However we cannot guarantee the type of binder you will receive or the color but we will try our best. To learn more about gc2b's binders click here
  • How do I measure myself?
    Measuring yourself is one of the most important things you need to do. Our application includes everything you need to know about measuring yourself. You can also click here to be directed to gc2b's sizing guide.
  • Do You Offer Exchanges/Returns?
    Due to the demand, we do not offer exchanges or returns. Please make sure you size yourself correctly so you can receive the correct size. If the binder does not fit you, you can donate the binder to us. If you need to rejoin our waitlist please email
  • Questions? Comments? Concerns?
    Contact us at
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